Subtitling & Transcription

Subtitling & Transcription

For some video presentations, you may want to preserve the original language but offer subtitles as a way to make the film accessible to others. We can create subtitles in any language, allowing you to connect with global partners and expand your marketing reach. 

From legal interviews to educational podcasts, we can transcribe your original audio message into any other language. However, this facet of translating involves transcribing the speech as well as the context. Our industry experts will help ensure the resulting document is correctly translated and retains the original meaning.


Our translating team is full of linguistic specialists as well as industry experts. This added layer of expertise will ensure your materials are translated correctly and effectively, making it easier for you to communicate with colleagues and clients within your niche market. We specialize in translating documents for the following fields and industries: 

  • Legal/Immigration

    Translating legal paperwork requires clarity and accuracy. Our translations include contracts, clinical trial results, and voice-over and transcription services for interviews.

  • Advertising/Marketing

    One of the first steps to expanding your company’s global reach is translating your marketing materials. All promotional resources should be translated with both the language and culture in mind to ensure optimum understanding and impact. Examples of advertising and marketing materials that we translate include website copy, email newsletters, posters, pamphlets, and product catalogs. We also provide voice-over dubbing and subtitles for videos, and can work within InDesign, Photoshop, Word documents, and more.

  • Energy/Oil

    Our industry experts within the fields of energy and oil will help make sure your documents, marketing materials, and website are accurately translated. We will help you communicate quickly and effectively with other energy companies, developers, and engineers.

  • Manufacturing

    Globalization within a manufacturing industry requires accurate and reliable translations. Our services for this industry include operating guides, installation manuals, system specifications, CAD drawings, patents, business contracts, service agreements, and warranties.

  • Financial/Banking

    Legal issues can quickly arise if your company’s financial or other bank-related documents are not translated correctly. Our industry experts can translate a variety of financial materials, including bank statements, shareholder information, annual reports, insurance policies, and profit and loss reports.

  • Automotive

    Are you placing a large order for parts or trying to connect with clients overseas? We can translate purchase orders, product specification pages, owner’s manuals, corporate websites, and more.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Our industry experts can handle all types of pharmaceutical documents, from clinical study reports to medical equipment guides. More examples include medical charts, scientific and white papers, product description and specification sheets, brochures, and packaging and labeling.